Own the darkness. The Torch replaces your magazine base plate so that you have a convenient and innovative solution to illuminating your surroundings. The downward angle of the light allows you to illuminate your search area without having to directly muzzle anything you don’t want to. A better pistol-mounted flashlight that doesn’t require a new holster just makes sense.

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The Refined Savages Torch is a new and innovative way to mount a light to your magazines. Safely illuminate your surroundings without muzzling your loved ones.



  • Replace your Glock* Magazine Base Plate with the Refined Savages Torch
  • Appropriately light up the darkness while aligning the muzzle in a safe upward orientation
  • Keep your current holster
  • Always have a weapon mounted light on you
  • Great for primary and back-up magazines

Compatible with the following:

Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, Glock 23 and other medium sized Glock frames

*Not affiliated with Glock Inc


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