G-Spot Fire Starter Kit


Yeah, we know. But there is this little spot in your Glock* that is just taking up space and we have the perfect use for it. Never go without a fire again with the G-Spot Fire Starter Kit. It fits discretely in the grip of your Glock* and will stay there until you need to start a fire. When the occasion for a fire arises, simply remove the kit and in 30 seconds you can start warming up.




*not affiliated with Glock Inc

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Secure and discrete, our Fire Starter kit fits into the bottom of your Glock* so that you will never be caught without fire again. Everything you need to get a crackling fire ablaze is included in our G-Spot housing. Simply remove the kit, fluff the cotton wicking, add some accelerant, and strike with the ferro rod. Includes:
  • Ferro Rod
  • Metal Striker
  • Flame Wicking Cotton
  • Accelerant Gel Packs
  • Discretely stored in our G-Spot housing which fits into the grip of your Glock
  • Start a fire in adverse conditions
  • Easily reloadable for repeat use
Compatible with the following: Glock 17, Glock 19 Glock 34, Glock 35   *Not affiliated with Glock Inc


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