About Us

Refined Savages

Refined Savages is for all of us who want to live life to the fullest with what our current society offers but also know how to adapt to unforeseen rigors. If you enjoy all that life has to offer to be the best version of yourself in our current everyday environment and want to be a capable person that can handle adversity as it presents itself; then you are in the right place.

Founded in 2022, Refined Savages brings over a decade of manufacturing experience to the survival market where the founders Britt Lentz and Mike Hughes started their entrepreneurial journey in 2010 with NextLevelTraining.com producing the SIRT Training Platforms for the firearms market.

Refined Savages is a sister company created to bring products to the market that we want will use and need personally and want to share with the capable citizen community.


Britt Lentz

Britt Lentz earned his accounting degree while playing five years of collegiate football at Eastern Washington University. Britt was the first employee at nextleveltraining.com founded in 2010. Britt is an avid hunter outdoorsman and shooting enthusiast.

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes earned hisĀ  mechanical engineering degree while playing five years of college football at University of Idaho. Thereafter he was misled in life and went to law school; practiced patent law for 10 years.

Based on a passion for competitive shooting Mike founded nextleveltraining.com and invented the SIRT Training Pistol which is used worldwide as a premier weapons manipulation, skill building tool in the firearm training arena.

Britt and Mike founded refined savages to create a good home for the products they need themselves, but want to share with the world. The vision of refined savages is to create capable citizens with self independence supporting products, and sound training.

Refined Savages