Build a base by stacking some of the larger sticks side by side heat dissipates in all directions so it’s very useful to have a base that heats up as you’re building the fire and eventually becomes part of that fire

Use some of the larger sticks to create two walls joined in a corner determine the direction of the wind by dropping a blade of grass and build these walls to protect your fire from the wind as you start it stack each piece of wood over one another allowing a certain amount of gappage for some airflow but this will block some of the strong winds.

This wall is very handy because it will eventually become part of the fire and it also directs some of the heat towards you.

Use your knife to create a feather stick or otherwise just to create tender identify a portion of a dry stick that has minimal knots on it or preferably no knots at all and work the blade along the sliding action pressing with your thumb do this over your bark to catch some of the errant pieces which may fall off if you slice too hard foreign

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